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Techno completed the full system, studio and broadcast integration for our 2 new channels in less than 2 months from concept to full production and broadcast.

Yavor Pavlov
Consultant, Mtel Sport

“Techno” is a company holding in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, that offers complete technical development of television(Broadcast System Integration), radio, headend for telecom, cable and satellite operators, OB-VAN, audio cars, SNG / DSNG, studios, Playout, OTT installations (OTT screen and multi-screen solutions), digital signage systems and other multimedia systems.

Techno is a distributor and importer of all the necessary technical means and facilities that serve these systems. In parallel, the company group provides warranty and post-warranty service and system maintenance.

  • 1993

    The establishment of our first company - KakAfoniYa

  • 1996

    Creating one of the first privately assembled studios in Bulgaria

  • 1999

    Founded "Techno" Ltd.

  • 2002

    We open offices in Romania - PBR

  • 2006

    We open offices in Turkey - Kapro

  • 2014

    Started our own production of LED TVs and LED lighting

Currently, we are the largest media integrator in the Balkans

Techno distributes products for the mass consumer market for Panasonic, Technics, Canon, Maxel, TCL and other manufacturers. That includes any type of air conditioning systems, smart lighting, cables, optics, connectors, passive components, amplifiers, set top boxes, phones, PBXs, tablets, audio equipment, microphones, headphones, televisions and more.

“Techno” has office buildings, production halls, storages, display television studios in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

History & Traditions

The company founders – Constantine and Anelia Karanov, who have decades of industry experience, have begun their professional activity in Bulgaria as TV producers. They are involved in one of the first private programs of the Bulgarian National Television – Cacophony and other projects like Cinemania, Bulgaria Top 20, a wide range of concerts and documentaries, Christmas and New Year program performances. Over the years the duo has produced hundreds of commercials and music videos, as well as over 600 television shows.

  • While maintaining its production activity, the company obtains one of the first digital broadcast cameras in Bulgaria. What follows is the foundation of one of the first private installation studios in the country. Techno Ltd. begins producing materials for a range of international clients, including RFO (France), MDR (Germany) and others.
  • “Techno” soon becomes a prominent figure on the Bulgarian Broadcasting market by becoming a distributor of Panasonic Broadcast, Vinten, Canon, Snell & Wilcox, Trilogy and more than 10 world-class brands within the industry.
  • The successful work continues up to this very day, with extremely broad portfolio of companies, extended to over 200 manufacturers throughout the media and telecom industry.
  • The wide product range varies – from recording and processing of audio/video, playout, cable and satellite transmission signals, to receiving devices for home usage, and many others.
  • Among the first major clients of “Techno” in Bulgaria are – Eurocom, Diema, bTV, BNT, 7 Dni, Bulgarian National Radio, New MSAT, SKAT TV Europe, FOX and HBO(Broadcast System Integration). With the expansion of business in the country, more and more international companies have entrusted their projects to Techno. Thus, the company has evolved in two main directions – territorial coverage extension and production expansion.

Further development

In 2002 Techno opened offices in Romania, receiving rights for Panasonic Broadcast, Canon, Grass Valley, Sennheiser and many other TV and radio distributors. Techno Group continues its successful work in the national media, completing many projects that involve equipment, studios, centralized broadcasting hardware, complexes, subtitles, SNGS, OB-VAN upgrades, audio complexes, audio automobiles, drones, lighting and more.

  • To mention a few of them:  Studio 1, 5 and 6 of the Bulgarian National Television; Studio 1, 2 and 4 of the Romanian National Television, Studios for the Cypriot National Television Studios and the Serbian National Television, a competition for equipment with more than 300 lens by Angenieux of the Turkish National Television. a system for optical transmission of the Turkish National TV, central hardware of the Bulgarian National Radio, numerous studios of the Bulgarian National Radio and the Romanian National Radio.
  • “Techno” has a long-term partnership with the News Corp media group and the FOX channels. The company cooperates in building all channels of FOX and bTV Media Group. It has fully integrated (in cooperation with Thompson Integration Group) many large televisions such as FOX Serbia, FOX Turkey, Pulse TV – Poland, FOX Montenegro and Georgia(Broadcast System Integration).
  • Another prominent project with Thompson Integration Group involves the build of a digital signage network in Iraq, where the company has delivered 150/ 65-inch plasma screens by Panasonic. In 2008, the company delivers and integrates lighting for PRO BG. Techno is a provider of equipment and equipment integration (including lighting) for ​​Nova TV (MTG Group) together with BSI in the years 2009-2010.
  • The company executes the design and integration of Pratek TV in Romania and TV Omonia in Cyprus. During the years 2011-12 Techno is an integrator of all Digi Sport and Digi News programai of RCHS – RDS group in Romania, as well as the Playout and production studios in Antena, Realitate, Kanal D, and Pro TV in Romania.
  • Over the years the group “Techno” has worked successfully on a number of European projects for private producers and small televisions in the region, among them – the monitoring system of the CEM, OB-VAN for shooting sports events with expandable trailer, portable outdoor cinema, a moving scene (13/7/9 meters), a production OB-VAN, hi-tech audio studio for film recording and audio dubbing (the only Dolby Atomos studio in the Balkans), several movie sets for capturing, editing, color correction and more.

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